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BCcard provides an end-to-end issuing service on behalf of our member banks based on our efficient issuing system and processing service know-hows.

It only takes two days to process card application which includes evaluation of a new cardholder, issuance of a card and delivery to our logistics vendors.

The cardholder can view billing amount real-time and authorization status via various channels such as web and mobile app.

BCcard monitors the entire payment process, from the moment a cardholder applies for a new card until he/she uses it to make purchases.


Over the past 36 years, BCcard's acquiring service has evolved to meet various client needs.

As one of the largest acquirers in Korea, BCcard provides a consolidated acquiring service to our member banks and merchants and the services cover the entire operating process.

In 2017, the acquiring volume was 49.2 billion amounting to approx. USD 165 Billion (KRW 185 trillion).

  • Issuing
    • Card Issuance
    • Cardholder Billing
    • Cardholder Management (Credit Risk Management)
  • Acquiring
    • Merchant Acquisition/Retention
    • EDC Operation
    • Transaction Switching
    • Clearing & Settlement
    • Merchant Payment
    • Back Office (Cardholder Dispute, etc.)

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