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Government ID/Voucher

BCcard carries out public support programs with various government departments utilizing BCcard's payment infrastructures and operation know-hows.

Green Card is BCcard's eco-point platform designed to promote an environment friendly lifestyle and consumption patterns.

Happiness Card is a voucher card designed to increase convenience of expectant mothers in receiving pregnancy/childcare subsidies.

School Card is BCcard's smart identity card with an ID, prepaid payment, voucher functions all combined into a single card.

Risk Management

Rate of fraud in card payment incurred by information theft is rising with an increasing popularity of e-commerce.

BCcard's FDS (Fraud Detection System) for domestic transactions was first implemented in 1997 and its functions have been supplemented as card payment transactions became more complicated and diversified.

BCcard provides our member banks the FDS service modeled with substantial transaction data from the member banks and g-CRM tool.

For more accurate detection, patterns are defined via transaction data profiling in two perspectives; cardholder and merchant.

  • Government ID/Voucher
    • Eco-point card Platform
    • Pregnancy/childcare subsidy card Platform
    • Smart Identity Card Platform
      (ID/Prepaid/Voucher Card)
  • Risk Management
    • Fraud Detection
    • Fraud Management
    • Anti-money Laundering

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