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Digital Payment Platform

With advancement of technology, boundaries of financial services are blurring and competition among payments service providers is intensified with a rapid digital payments market growth.

BCcard provides various forms of digital payment services to respond to the fast paced payments market.

BCcard strives to provide our customers convenient and simple payments services with diverse secure digital payments technologies - ISP service that supports online payment with
one-time card registration, NFC/QR code complied with EMV standard, mobile E-wallet, and TSM (Trusted Service Manager) that secures the payment tools.


With Fintech on the rise, security is becoming a key ingredient of the payments services.

BCcard provides global standard security services;
TSP (Token Service Provider) and Biometric Authentication.

TSP reduces risk of card fraudulent usages and information leakage by replacing real card information with virtual card numbers.

BCcard is the Korea's 1st and the only Token Service Provider and also the world’s 1st to commercialize FIDO biometric authentication service, applying it to Samsung pay and BCcard member banks' payment services.

Smart Card

Smart Card is an integrated marketing platform that can store multiple cards in one device, and support various payment interface methods.

BCcard's smart card, 'CLiP Card', offers a simple payment experience to customers.

It can accommodate up to 10 Check/Credit/Debit cards and
10 membership barcodes.

CLiP Card has an LCD on a plastic card plate which enables scanning QR/barcode as well as card swiping and contactless payment.

  • Digital Payment Platform
    • ID based Payment
    • NFC Payment
    • QR Code Payment
    • e-Wallet
    • Trusted Service Manager
      (Mobile card)
  • Security
    • TSP
      (Tokenization Service Platform)
    • Biometric Authentication
  • Smart Card
    • All-in-One Card
      (Multiple cards in one device)

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