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BCcard strives to understand customers' needs and wants.

BCcard designs and creates the best products and services that satisfy all aspects of customers' financial life.

BCcard cooperates with our member banks to provide each bank’s individual card portfolios and services utilizing BCcard's standardized product development process.

As of today, up to 14,000 card products can be designed with
the member banks, and BCcard is also responsible for product information management such as registering product information on our system and applying services designed for each product, etc.


BCcard performs a wide range of marketing activities to satisfy various needs of multiple member banks maintaining maximum flexibility on an integrated marketing platform.

Leveraging BCcard's massive card payment transaction data, BCcard has been applying Big Data analysis to develop marketing programs.

Moreover, BCcard puts efforts to retain and expand customers through marketing promotions such as 'Red Calendar days with BC' (marketing program for holidays) and Ultra Music Festival sponsorship.

Customer Management

BCcard's customer management service focuses on supporting our member banks' customers.

Through our call centers, BCcard provides a consistent, unified support to the customers.

BCcard provides services including, but not limited to, general inquiries, reporting lost/stolen cards, concierge service, VIP support and international transaction support.

  • Product
    • Product Development & Operation
    • Card Products
      (Credit, Debit, Prepaid, Private label, Local Brand, International)
    • Applicable Card Scheme
      (Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, JCB, Discover, American Express)
  • Marketing
    • Big Data Analysis
    • Marketing Program Development
    • Loyalty & Reward Program
      (Loyalty Points, Discounts, Vouchers & Stamps)
  • Customer Management
    • Call Center Operation & Management

Please email us at global@bccard.com for brochures, technical specifications and pricing.