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Title BC Card and Gyeonggi Province has signed for ESG Management Date 2022.10.20

BC Card and Gyeonggi Province has signed for ESG Management

  • Agreements on the promotion of eco-friendly consumption culture, support for underfed children's meals, and data analysis to revitalize commercial districts, etc
  • In connection with KT Group's ESG activities, various support measures are provided to small and medium-sized enterprises and in Gyeonggi province
  • Continuing environmental protection activities that involve customers through paperless businesses and flogging events

BC Card announced that it signed an MOU with Gyeonggi Province Co., Ltd. on the 18th to "spread ESG management." The photo shows BC Card CEO Choi Won-seok (left) and Lee Chang-hoon, CEO of Gyeonggi Province Co., Ltd

BC Card (CEO Choi Won-seok) announced on the 20th that it has signed an MOU with Gyeonggi-do Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Chang-hoon) to spread ESG management.

BC Card CEO Choi Won Seok, Gyeonggi Province Co., Ltd. CEO Lee Chang-hoon, and officials from both companies attended the signing ceremony held at the headquarters of Gyeonggi Province Co., Ltd. in Pangyo, Gyeonggi Province, on the 18th.

With the MOU, the two companies agreed to cooperate to spread ESG, including ▲ establishing an eco-friendly delivery business through the use of multi-use containers ▲ supporting children's meals in Gyeonggi Province ▲ providing data analysis data to revitalize commercial districts ▲ establishing a pay-Z platform for small size merchants ▲ promoting the use of Onnuri voucher.

In particular, BC Card is reportedly planning to provide various support measures for small and medium-sized business owners in Gyeonggi Province in line with KT Group's ESG management activities, which are converting into a digital platform company (DIGICO) to mark the 20th anniversary of privatization this year.

Choi said, "Recently, BC Card is actively promoting various activities for ESG management, including large-scale afforestation projects and marine ecosystem cleanup activities," adding, "We will continue to cooperate with Gyeonggi Province Co., Ltd. and KT Group to provide win-win value to small and medium-sized businesses."

Lee Chang-hoon, CEO of Gyeonggi Province Co., Ltd., said, "We are a place to support sales and delivery special projects for small and medium-sized business owners in the province," adding, "We hope to carry out various projects with BC Card for ESG management."

On the other hand, BC Card has been steadily implementing environmental protection activities that customers can participate in through paperless projects that carry out afforestation projects at the cost, and flogging events that can support revitalization and environmental improvement in each region at once.