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We will repay your trust with a better service / Lee Dong-myun, CEO of BC Card

Welcome to BC Card.

BC Card is a leading payment platform company in South Korea with 35 corporate clients
and 38 million customers.

BC Card will repay your trust with a better service.

"We will enhance your business"

As a partner company that cooperate with 35 corporate clients,
BC Card is helping their successful business through the best payment processing capabilities
and next-generation infrastructure system among Asia.

"We will support your growth"

With the largest merchant network in South Korea,
BC Card is taking the lead in reducing blind spots for payment with its digital platform capabilities.

Also BC Card is making efforts for their growth.

"We will steer innovation with you"

Based on digital capabilities including Big Data and Artificial Intelligence,
BC Card will provide differentiated benefits and convenient payment life to customers.

We appreciate for your generous attention and encouragement.

With best regards,

Lee Dong-myun, CEO of BC Card
March 25, 2020